We are producing a magic show on April  14th

Featuring a variety of magic performances.




Winner of International Awards for Comedy, Magic & Fire Eating.  Guiness Book World Record Holder for longest duration fire eating.



The 3 PM show is family friendly and suitable for all ages … The 6 PM show is for adults and children over 12

The 8 PM show features frightening and gory illusions and is suitable for adults and teens over 16

Tickets available online CALGARYMAGICSHOW.com and at the door






After that our next play is in October – The French Kiss Off.  Check back with us in September to buy tickets.  Check on our Contact and Tickets Page for other ways to get tickets and to buy Students and Seniors Tickets


Shackleton is over now, and was a great success for us. 

Check out our Past Performances page for photos of the Shackleton production.


Some comments from our audience members:

We’ve been to the Antarctic five times.  The sound of the crumbling cracking ice was just like being back on board our icebreaker – how did you know?  The penguin calls were spot on. Everything was great; the story and the sound transported us back to a place we love.  A.C. Calgary.

As I had not heard of Ernest Shackleton, I found the play educational and amazingly inspiring. The Foley artists were highly impressive. – A.W. Lethbridge.

We enjoyed Shackleton, the radio play, very very much. The actors were fully engrossed in their roles. We could feel the hardship that they must have had to go through, just by listening. The Foley sounds were very convincing. – C.B. & J.B. Calgary

An original idea, executed wonderfully and told in immense detail. It is amazing to see the Foley and the story come together on stage. – S.M.K. Calgary

Better than a regular play or movie.  I just closed my eyes and let my own mind set the scenes for me.  The Foley sounds combined with the actors voices made for a very rich experience. A.G. Calgary

It sounded fantastic. The play was excellent. My only regret is that I didn’t listen with my eyes closed at times.  K.F. Calgary

The sound effects were very effective! J.B. Calgary

The story was compelling by itself.  With the sound effects added, it was beyond compelling. L.H. Calgary