About 2 years ago, Confederation Theatre Society was born. We produce plays by Canadian authors – especially new authors. It’s difficult for new authors to get works performed, and we support our local talent. Our presentations are designed to send you home happy. We have had several play readings for prospective future productions.  If you have a script you want to see workshopped, let us know. Our play reading venue to date has been at the Dog & Duck Pub  who have provided great support for us.

We’ve had seven successful productions, For a Mature Audience Only in February 2016 , Investment in Murder in September 2016, Office Hours in March 2017, Deadly Illusions in October 2017, Shackleton in February 2018, Happy Death Day in November 2018 and The French Kiss Off in February 2019. Six of our Seven productions were written by Calgary authors. We also presented The Magic Show in conjunction with many magicians in the Calgary community in April 2018.

Confederation Theatre Society has written and performed for seniors at a number of venues in Calgary and surrounding communities.  We now offer this service to other seniors groups. If your group is interested in hosting a performance, please contact us.  Paul Brown is our contact for seniors shows  at: paul_brown@shaw.ca

Our board for 2019 – 2020 is:


President:                    Alan LeBoeuf

Vice-President:            Paul Brown

Treasurer:                   Linda Hughes

Secretary:                    Zena Drabinsky


Non-Executive Board Members are:

External Activities    Ray Mordan

Diversity & Publicity    Shamir Ladhani

Community Outreach   Lana Patterson

Special Projects & Publicity  Michael Bradley

Technical and Communications  John Hickie

Members-at-large:     Mike Hughes, Bill McCarthy, Arthur Zrill, Terry Ager and Lorne Drabinsky